About us

Taste is everything.

Interesting Facts

We are a small, family run operation, focusing on great taste and quality. Although Karvery is a new venture, we started Epikouros Italian Food back in 2001, Nicosia's first gourmet take away and delivery place, a concept copied many times since.



We don't want to bamboozle you with choices, just choose your bread, filling and topping and voila, your very own masterpiece!



The same goes for our salads, 3 mouthwatering choices, all bursting with flavour and filled to the brim with power foods !


Oven baked

Our combo is worth a mention on its own as we have a unique offering - sweet potato and potato, oven baked, mixed with our signature gravy and roasted to perfection, then topped with Cretan oregano. 

We support our local producers

We are proud to be able to support local producers which is why for a big part of our production, we buy locally. Our meat and vegetables are sourced from local producers then vetted for taste and consistency. We want to give you only the best of what our little island can offer.